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My Work

I've included a few samples below of the non-NDA projects I've worked on. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about these projects or how I can adapt this work for your use cases.

EZ GPT Grant-Writing Tool

Nonprofits often struggle with time-consuming administrative tasks like grant-writing. I've developed an AI tool to streamline this process, currently preparing for beta testing. Built with Angular, Google Cloud, and Chat GPT, it's designed to help nonprofits do more in less time. Contact me for details or to discuss customization.

Mod Bot File Editing AI

There’s been an explosion of AI tools that help developers write code. While I’ve tried many of them, I haven’t yet found one that easily looks at several files together and can make changes to them or create new files based on a request.


That’s why I built Mod Bot. Check it out on Github.

Forkquire NPM Package

This NPM package simplifies parallelization by letting you import functions and spawn them into new processes without manually managing the processes and data exchange. Check it out on Github.

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